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A website designed to help you draft a winning squad and make educated decisions throughout the season.

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How is this page different from other fantasy sites? Well for starters, while other sites encompass all fantasy sports, we spend all our time analyzing and thinking only about fantasy baseball. Without being bogged down with other sports topics, we're allowed to analyze players deeper, educating ourselves with an extensive knowledge on how players may perform in the upcoming season, as well as their justified draft value and placement. There are a ton of players involved in fantasy baseball and a mountain of data that goes into predicting a player's performance, not to mention it's a very long season. Its not like football where you draft 14 rounds and play about 15 games per position, mostly on Sundays. We're talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 rounds and a season that lasts 162 games! Most of you of course know this, but it's still worth reminding ourselves how much actually goes into it! Covering so many players on so many teams is a massive undertaking and takes more time than the average sportswriter or fantasy columnist has time for, much less the weekend warrior fantasy player. That's where we come in. There is no off-season for us. We follow MLB and MiLB all year round. Analyzing analytics and trends is what we do for fun! I know, call us what you want, but we have earned a good amount of money over the years doing this and thought it was time to open up our own site and share our wisdom. We do all the work anyway, what better way to disclose our knowledge than to start a blog.

As a smaller site just starting out, we are more readily available for prompt, tailored help, and advice explicitly for our readers! Just send us any questions in the Advice section and we'll happily respond as soon as possible.

How do we do it? We base our predictions on extensive metrics and analytics, as well as factoring in the many other components that effect a player's value and performance. Ball park factors, injury risk, line up and bullpen protection, weather, coaching aggressiveness, lineup placement, schedule, age, division strengths and weaknesses, are just a few.  For over 20 years we’ve been playing and winning a lot of money at fantasy baseball. It's not only our favorite past time, but a source of income as well. 

So why would we offer all this for free? Well, for starters, we love it, but we're also new in the fantasy baseball advisory world, so we need to build our brand and grow our following. The best way to do that and prove to our subscribers that we're worth following, is to simply be accurate and give great advice. I played baseball growing up, never made it to pro ball, but always had an knack for spotting talent and was always pretty successful betting on games. Armed with a baseball and gambling background, the transition into fantasy baseball success was only natural.

Throughout the year we will continually be updating our rankings as well as putting out various short reads about strategy, players to pick up or drop, prospects to stash and anything else involving fantasy baseball. A lot of success (depending on your leagues waiver wire policy) is based on the haste of an owner's actions. If a player gets injured, his replacement may become a hot waiver wire add due to his increased playing time. Active owners have the advantage in this situation, but even complacent owners can take advantage by subscribing or following and having updates sent directly to their inbox. 

There is a reason almost every major league team has an analytics department they pay a great deal to. Even players are paying a lot closer attention to it these days. Both organizations and gamblers/fantasy players alike are doing all they can to predict the outcome of player performance and improve their game. The organizations' stakes are of course a lot higher, but tell that to the pro gambler who makes his house payment with his fantasy winnings, or the guy who plays in over 10 leagues all worth more than 5k. No, not every fantasy player is that serious about the game or anywhere close to it, but if you want advice from someone who is, follow us, subscribe and check out our rankings!

We can help aid the novice player, the hard nosed vet and everyone in between. All the tedious and time consuming work is already done for you and will be continued throughout the year. Just make adjustments as you see fit, enjoy the fantasy season, and hopefully earn a nice reward in the end!

(In case you skipped this part, just a reminder that we also answer any questions! Just fill out the form below stating your fantasy dilemmas in the section titled Need More Advice or Advice and we will get back to you with answers.)


Ball park factors play a huge role when selecting fantasy players. Rogers Centre.



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We spend countless hours doing all the research for you, so you can make an educated decision without having to spend all the time. Just simply look at the projections and suggested draft order and modify your rankings to your liking. Take comfort in knowing these lists were scrutinized over for weeks (months even), but in the end you make the decision! We’ve been doing this a long time and have had a ton of success at it. People have been telling us to do this for years, we enjoy it and now it’s time to give back and help busy owners win their leagues!

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