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Who We Are. What We Offer.

We are a very small group who simply love fantasy baseball and have been very successful at it over the years. Our only focus here will be fantasy baseball and any news that effects or pertains to it. On our page you will find tons of advice, as well as continually updated rankings and a whole lot more. Basically if it's something we're doing with our fantasy teams, we're gonna write about it. We base much of our decisions on a rigorous study of analytics and metrics as well as all the other factors. We started this page because we always seem to be more accurate than the so called experts out there and we just simply love doing it. Subscribe to our page to have our posts sent directly to your email so you don't miss out and can keep up with all the latest and best fantasy strategy and moves.

It takes a lot to go right in order to win your fantasy league. There is no exact science and there's always the off chance that you get super unlucky with injuries, but we believe we've got it figured out for the most part! Our annual, multiple victories leading to large payouts are enough to prove to us it works. The draft, as important as it is, is just a start. Being proactive throughout the season, especially in advanced leagues with heavy prizes, is at the utmost importance. You did after all sign up and most likely paid to do so, so if you're actually trying to win, it's going to take some effort. The level of effort usually goes hand in hand with the level of competition. Typically the larger the prize, the more active the owner. Of course making the wrong moves won't help either. That's where we can help.


Not only do we provide free tailored advice with a quick turnaround and a winning draft strategy that is tried and proven, (including thoroughly examined player rankings with projections), we also help with the much needed in-season transactions as well. Actions such as: choosing when to move on from a player or when to stash them a little longer, who to add before everyone else does, knowing when a potential call up is worthy a roster spot or when to pick up that valued player who was dropped due to injury, what early trades to pull the trigger on, the dubious hot streaks to jump on and which are likely to conclude, as well as which slumps may continue and which slumping players make for great buy low candidates. Other topics may include players on the rise or on the decline, some trade now candidates at their highest value, which prospects are worthy of a stash, and which borderline pitchers may have a favorable schedule coming up. The occasional team heading into bad weather may even be worth a shout or a possible upcoming switch at a teams closer. The list goes on and on! Make sure to subscribe and you’ll get an email whenever there's a new post helping you make those tough roster decisions. 


A big part of fantasy is being on top of the free agent list/waiver wire. For instance every time a player gets hurt, another players playing time and value increases. A lot of times it’s a dash to your phone or laptop to try and pick up said player before the competition. That’s also a great reason to subscribe and set an alert for when you receive a new post. Or just make sure you check back often so that you can see the latest news and advice. 

We genuinely put our money where our mouth is. We continue to play fantasy baseball in multiple leagues annually at the highest level and we win or come in the top three 90% of the time. For over 20 years we've played and with all the new data at players fingertips, it’s made it slightly easier to predict. It’s definitely time consuming, but if you love it, it’s not a work and it’s almost always paid off.

I use to play on various public sites and I'd look up experts' ratings. I'd think to myself no way is this player going to outperform that player and I was almost always right. I would think where do they find these guys and what on earth are they basing their projections on? It always baffled me. So after I stopped listening to them and started using my own system and research tactics, I started winning. It's that old saying, well if you think you can do better, than do it. Well, I did and it took a ton of time looking up all the information for so many players, but I actually enjoyed it and have done it ever since. Especially now with all the different sites popping up containing advanced player metrics, all the data is available for interpretation. It just takes TIME, and that's where this site comes in. I do all the tedious and time consuming work for you, and you guys and gals get to reap the rewards.

Modern Baseball has embraced it, and fantasy players have taken notice as well. Every MLB player has pages and pages of analytics and metrics recorded about him to go along with his traditional stats. It has lead to a major change in the game, one mostly done behind the scenes. Well, the same goes for fantasy baseball. We pride ourselves on combing through all these numbers in hopes that it shines a light on who will continue to progress and who will likely decline. Its not a perfect science as teams and players make adjustments over the off-season and during it as well, but it does give you a leg up on the competition.

With all these weapons in one place at your disposal, we will help you along the journey to a successful and hopefully, winning fantasy season. A winning season that not only wins trophies and bragging rights, but actual hard earned cash as well.

We also answer any questions! Just fill out the form stating your fantasy dilemmas in the section titled Need More Advice and we will get back to you with answers. (We never sell or store any of your information. And we only need an email address to write you back)

Disclaimer: We just have to say this so we are protected! Just remember that nothing is of course certain and we, Fantasy Baseball by the Numbers, offer all our advise as just an idea to consider. Its advise based on our research and opinions; it is NOT FACT. We offer no guarantees or warranties on anything discussed on our website or through our email responses.  We can not be held responsible for any losses you may incur, monetary or otherwise, while playing fantasy sports or sports betting. There is always risk involved in any type of sports gambling, and we are not responsible if you listen to our advise and lose. We are just a guide, you must make the final decisions where and if to place your money and you are solely responsible.

More information can be found in our terms of service pages

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