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Top 25 Remaining Free Agents in Order of Fantasy Value

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

These guys are still without a team (thanks in large part to the lockout), but if you’re drafting early, don’t lose sight of them! Most, if not all of these veterans will be signed quickly after the work stoppage is lifted and many are extremely valuable.

  1. Freddie Freeman (1B)

  2. Nick Castellanos (OF)

  3. Trevor Story (SS)

  4. Clayton Kershaw (SP)

  5. Kris Bryant (3B/OF)

  6. Carlos Correa (SS)

  7. Carlos Rondon (SP)

  8. Kyle Schwarber (OF/1B)

  9. Seiya Suzuki (NPB) (OF)

  10. Michael Conforto (OF)

  11. Anthony Rizzo (1B)

  12. Kenley Jansen (RP)

  13. Eddie Rosario (OF)

  14. Jorge Soler (OF)

  15. Nelson Cruz (DH)

  16. Zack Greinke (SP)

  17. Kwang Hyun Kim (SP)

  18. Andrew McCutchen (OF)

  19. Michael Pineda (SP)

  20. Collin McHugh (RP)

  21. Yusei Kikuchi (SP)

  22. Jonathan Villar (3B/SS)

  23. Tommy Pham (OF)

  24. Josh Harrison (2B/3B/OF)

  25. Danny Duffy (SP)


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